Jennifer Einhorn Joins the BDU Team

Jennifer Einhorn

Business Development University is excited to announce that Jennifer Einhorn, Executive Consultant and Sales Coach, has been brought on board as the newest member of the BDU team. Einhorn spent the majority of her career in technology and software sales, as well as in customer success. In her previous roles, she built and managed sales and customer success teams, was … Read More

End-of-Year Triage for Successful Sales Leaders

Sales Leaders end of year triage

BDU’s CEO Lisa Peskin recently spoke to a group of Vistage members on the topic of “Sales Superstars: Getting the Most out of Your Sales Team.” One of the main takeaways from her talk was that as a sales leader you have a one line job description: to maximize the potential and performance of your sales associates. How do you … Read More

Networking: BDU’s Five Key Tips for Attracting Influencers

Networking and Attracting Key Influencers

Most sales professionals understand that networking is a key component to business success. Perhaps you’ve attended a handful of networking events but haven’t gotten much out of them. Networking is so much more than just showing up and talking with a few people about what you do. It’s a wonderful way to build a network of influencers around you to … Read More

The Keys to Sales Success – Lisa’s Q & A with Advantages Magazine

Read the full issue

We’re so excited to share this recent spotlight on BDU’s CEO Lisa Peskin for ASI’s Advantages magazine! In Lisa’s Q & A, featured in the magazine’s “The Experts” section, she discusses what she’s discovered to be the keys to sales success.   Advantages is the leading industry publication for distributors with content that “regularly gives distributor sales people a leg up on their … Read More

Listen to Lisa’s Interview on Leverage Masters Radio Show

Leverage Masters

BDU’s CEO Lisa Peskin recently had the pleasure of joining the Leverage Masters radio show for an interview where she shared information about BDU’s programs and tools, her business development strategies and the unique approach she takes to selling. Hosted by Gina Gaudio-Graves and Jack Humphrey, Leverage Masters is a weekly podcast where guests share their secrets for business success. … Read More

The Five Steps to Navigating the “Picky” Stage

Regardless of industry, there comes a time in every sales person’s career when they enter the “picky” stage. It’s the stage when, due to time and bandwidth constraints that come along with maintaining, up-selling and cross-selling existing customers, a sales person needs to be particular with the business they take on and the customers they pursue. It is just not … Read More

Closing “Elephants”

Close more "elephants" now with these tips from BDU

I remember early in my career at ADP when I was really struggling with my sales and not hitting my monthly quota. I spent most of my time focusing on very small accounts; they were easy to get appointments with but were extremely price-sensitive, and there was not a lot that I could “sell” to them since their needs were … Read More

“Squeeze the Lemon”: How to Get the Most Out of All You Do

Squeeze the Lemon

At BDU, one of our core philosophies is the concept of “squeezing the lemon.” It’s not about turning lemons into lemonade. It’s the idea of “squeezing” the most out of everything we do and maximizing every opportunity to make the most out of a situation, whether it’s for business or in our personal lives. Even something as basic as taking … Read More

Re-Engage Your Unresponsive Prospects Right Now

Re-Engage Prospects

We’ve all been there with an initially warm prospect that’s suddenly gone cold. You’re trying to close the sale and they’re just not moving forward. Maybe they’ve stopped returning your calls or emails, or they’re responding with some strong pushback. How exactly do you get the ball moving forward again so you can close the sale? BDU has a few … Read More

Want to End the Year Strong? Do These Three Things Right Now

With the summer months quickly coming to an end and the fall season right around the corner, now is the time to make sure you’re not only hitting but exceeding the goals you set for 2017. There are only a few short months left until a new year begins, so you need to make sure you’re preparing yourself or your … Read More