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  • “Squeeze the lemon” to make the most of the time and effort spent developing your team to make sure you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck
  • Inspire, excite and energize your sales team with a motivating “booster shot” for next-level success
  • Provide actionable tools, strategies and ideas to help drive revenue and results
  • Impact your team to not only meet but exceed quotas and become sales superstars regardless of their experience level
  • Get customized solutions tailored to your specific company, industry and team
  • Supplement with our comprehensive BDU Sales Success Workbook, a step-by-step guide through the sales cycle, from prospecting to closing and everything in between

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Joel Simmons, President, EarthWorks

Nicole Meyer, Account Manager, Sustainable Solutions

Len Donnelly, Packaging Consultant, Acme Corrugated

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    “We hired Lisa Peskin to offer sales training at our big ASI Shows to educate our members who are primarily salespeople. Lisa was a hit with attendees who gave her great ratings. Lisa is a delight to work with, and I would highly recommend her for corporate or trade show education.”
    - Nicole Rollender
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    "Lisa Peskin, CEO of BDU, is an amazing sales trainer! And that is coming from someone that grades people harshly! We recently hired Lisa to come in and work with our sales team and we were thrilled with the training. Her energy, presentation, and content were all spot-on and it left my sales team really charged up after this training session. Lisa is passionate about helping drive sales and has already recommended follow up that will help us to maximize our opportunities. It was a great decision to hire Lisa!"
    - Ryan Clark
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    “Lisa delivers her proprietary sales training with an incredible balance of zeal and pragmatism. She tells stories...Relatable, real-world examples of how her ideas have been applied. I think we laughed and learned in equal parts. We have tried several trainers over the years for our seasoned sales team... this is the first time we've brought someone in that our team LOVED... She infused energy into our team, put a fire in their bellies, and turned them loose with new tools and ideas. I'm personally recommending her to my friends who own businesses.”
    - Stephanie Shea
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    “I've read tons of books on business development and sales. This book is THE best, most information-packed, comprehensive, and practical book on sales I have ever read and used. If someone is involved in sales for their company and if they manage salespeople, this is a must-have book for everyone.”
    - Ski Swiatkowski
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    “Since starting my business I have read so many books on sales - many of them helpful, but none provided a real-world opportunity to DO THE WORK OF SALES. I find Lisa's book practical with multiple tips, tricks and actions to bring the revenue in.”
    - Hettie Stroebel
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    “Lisa is a phenomenal coach and mentor. This book is her ‘greatest hits’ all in one place.”
    - Drew Morrisroe