Heather A. Herrington, Esq.


heatherProfessional Services Coach and Trainer

Heather comes straight from the world of “non-selling” professionals, having been a practicing attorney for 12 years prior to joining Business Development University. She is also an avid networker and connector who has held leadership roles on the boards of both industry and non-industry organizations.  Throughout her career, she has been mentoring and coaching law students and other attorneys through career choices and business development opportunities. Heather’s natural inclination for drawing people out, her insight into the value of purposeful networking, and her joy in helping people succeed are all things that led her to BDU.

Prior to working with Business Development University, Heather served as the Assistant Litigation Department Chair at a boutique business litigation firm in Philadelphia. She has also maximized her exposure and subject matter expertise through a myriad of public speaking engagements.  Though never asked to do so, Heather developed her own business plans for herself at each firm and executed those plans.  At BDU, as an industry insider, she brings her acute understanding of how to maximize business development strategies while still meeting the demands of the billable hour.

Heather currently resides in Haddonfield, NJ with her husband and two sons.