BDU’s Professional Services Team mentors and assists professionals in multiple industries, including law, accounting, architecture, engineering, finance, IT and medicine.

From entry level through partnership and the C-Suite, our team has specialized knowledge to help busy professionals identify and maximize the critical sliver of time for business development while still preserving their primary focus: clients.

Our goal is to increase effective business development practices and boost referrals as we work with our clients to:

  • Develop well-defined activity plans with daily, weekly, and monthly goals.
  • Provide and maintain accountability through in-person and/or virtual meetings.
  • Guide professionals on how to fill the pipeline with quality referral sources and strategic alliances on a consistent basis.
  • Create an integrated approach to business development honoring personal and professional priorities.
  • Provide additional training and reinforcement whenever necessary.
  • Maximize internal and external marketing activities.
  • Develop meaningful and actionable networking and prospecting strategies.
  • Maintain existing referral sources, as well as strategic alliances, and develop new ones.
  • Identify a target market and tailor “sales” efforts accordingly.
  • Grow and nurture client relationships to ensure longevity.
  • Refine time management and organizational skills.
  • Define and implement key elements of building a network of real, mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Craft and/or enhance LinkedIn profiles to support business development strategy.
  • Facilitate continuing education opportunities, such as CLEs and CPEs.

We also work with executive teams and senior management to:

  • Evaluate current business development efforts, make recommendations, and implement changes to support long term success.
  • Establish a strategic plan for client growth and acquisition efforts with clear expectations, roles, and responsibilities.
  • Alleviate the burden of “sales management” from the executive team by creating and sustaining individual accountability.
  • Design incentives and recognition programs that drive both individual and team efforts.

Our Professional Services Team welcomes the opportunity to talk with you to explore how we can support your future business development success.

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