Download BDU’s Free #SqueezeTheLemon Coloring Page!

You might not know this but our Chief Administrative Officer, Rachel Acquaviva, is an extremely talented artist and illustrator. For years, we’ve been enjoying the whimsical work she shares on her Instagram, @FollowThatVegan, and recently asked her to put together something special that we could share with our network. Click here to download and start coloring In these times, it’s … Read More

BDU’s “Therapy” is Now “Sales Success Peer Group”!

REGISTER NOW FOR: Friday, May 22nd at 12 PM EST Friday, May 29th at 12 PM EST Friday, June 5th at 12 PM EST Friday, June 12th at 12 PM EST Thank you to everyone who’s joined us for sales and sales leader “therapy” over these past weeks. We’ve certainly gotten so much out of our time together on Fridays … Read More

“Squeeze the Lemon”: Virtual Sales Development Sessions

REGISTER NOW As salespeople, it’s clear that the way we used to do business won’t be the same anymore. We can’t just sit back and wait this out. Our efforts need to remain focused on filling the pipeline, engaging prospects and building relationships with our current clients and network. Your sales approach now will determine your outcome – and your … Read More

Sales Leaders: What Should We Be Doing Right Now?

As anyone who oversees a sales team knows, sales leaders have a one-line job description: to maximize the performance and potential of our sales associates. But how do we go about doing this when there’s no business as usual anymore and our salespeople are all working remotely? This is an incredibly challenging time for anyone in sales. As sales leaders, … Read More

Q & A with Lisa: Should I Even Be Prospecting Right Now?

Question: Lisa, since everything is so up in the air right now is it appropriate for me to prospect?  Answer: As you can imagine, this is the number one question I have been getting over the last few weeks from so many salespeople. Everyone is wondering the same thing: “Should I be prospecting during this crazy time?” My answer? It’s … Read More

Join BDU for Free Sales or Sales Leader “Therapy”

UPDATE: BDU’s “Therapy” is now “Sales Success Peer Group”! Learn more and sign up to join us.   We recognize that we are living in an uncertain time right now. As a sales or sales leadership professional, you may be thinking about what to do next.  At BDU, we want to help. We’re bringing the sales and sales leadership communities … Read More

It’s Time to Establish a New Game Plan

By Lisa Peskin, CEO In the midst of this current uncertainty, it’s time to re-evaluate our efforts. We are in the middle of a scary, uncharted time right now. There is no more “business as usual,” yet our quotas are not going away and we are still expected to make sales. So, what should we be doing to continue to … Read More

Need to Fill Your Pipeline? Try Resurrecting Old Opportunities!

Keeping your pipeline filled with good, qualified prospects takes time and effort. Instead of spending all your energy prospecting for brand new business and trying to forge new relationships, try reaching out and reconnecting with past opportunities! We’ve all had clients, prospects and Centers of Influence (COIs) with whom we’ve fallen out of contact. Instead of just letting those relationships … Read More

Sales Strategy: Try Name Dropping

In sales, you cannot underestimate the impact that name dropping can have on your sales success. Mention some clients you’re helping when you speak with a prospect. Suddenly they can visualize how you’ll be able to assist them in the same way. Talk with your Centers of Influence (COIs) about your past clients’ successes; they’ll immediately understand the value of … Read More

Why Confidence is Key w/BDU’s Chris Miller

“Without confidence, you very well may struggle in sales.” – Christine Miller, BDU Sales Trainer and Coach, New England Region Confidence is integral to your success as a sales person. You need to be confident in order to tackle all aspects of sales, from networking and prospecting to going for the close. In this video, Chris explains what confidence really … Read More