Squeezing the Lemon: The Power of One More

You know about BDU’s philosophy of “squeezing the lemon“, and part of what makes this philosophy so impactful is the power of doing just one more activity, no matter how small, as it can lead to big results.

Lisa recently had the pleasure of conducting a training session for one of BDU’s clients on “The Power of One More.” Why is this concept so important, and how does it relate to “squeezing the lemon” and getting the most out of everything you do?

There really isn’t a huge difference between the average and the good salesperson, the good and the great, and the great and the sales superstar. Sometimes it’s just the smallest activity or tweak that can make the biggest difference, and ultimately doing “just one more” can lead to great results.

Just One More Call

In the book “Cold Calling Techniques (That Really Work!)“ by Stephan Schiffman, Lisa can recall reading a story about a top performer who was approached at a national sales meeting and asked what he attributes his success to over the years. He replied that every day, when he puts on his coat and gets ready to leave the office for the night, he makes just one more call.

When you think about it, one more call every day is five more calls a week and 20 more calls a month, resulting in 240 more calls per year. When you do the math, it’s very clear that one small activity each day can really make a difference.

Your “One More Thing”

While the salesperson in the book made one more call every day, your “one more thing” might be something different. Some examples include:

  • Asking for one more introduction when a client or customer gives you a compliment
  • Mentioning one more product or service that can help your client or customer
  • Listening to one more podcast on your morning commute
  • Sending one more email before you take your lunch break
  • Meeting one more person at a networking event
  • Making one more introduction for a Center of Influence
  • Finding one more contact within your customer or client’s company that you can meet with
  • Asking your client or customer for the name of one other non-competing vendor who you can connect with
  • Calling one more prospect each day

What will your “one more thing” be today? What are you planning to do just one more of that can make a huge impact on your results?