”Squeeze the Lemon” in Every Moment, Big or Small

be more productive

By now, you probably have heard all about BDU’s philosophy of “squeezing the lemon” to get the most juice out of everything you do each and every day. To fully “squeeze the lemon” and be more productive, it’s important to also think about what more you could be accomplishing throughout your day.

How can you maximize every moment, and especially those occasional small pockets of downtime, so you’re not just staying busy but doing something more productive and necessary in the time you have available. Try asking yourself, “What can I get done in this amount of time?”

For example, let’s say you need to use the microwave. You go into the kitchen, put your food in and set it to cook for five minutes. Instead of just standing around waiting for the timer to beep, ask yourself what you could be doing during that time to maximize those five minutes. Perhaps you can unload the dishwasher, throw something quick onto the stove to cook at the same time or move your laundry from the washer to the dryer.

In the business world, for example, we often find ourselves waiting for a lunch companion to arrive or for a meeting to begin. Instead of surfing the internet or playing on social media, what could we be doing instead that is more productive and accomplishes something? This is the perfect time to think to yourself, “What can I get done in this amount of time? Are there any items on my to do list that I can address? Are there emails waiting in my inbox that need just a quick response? Is there something important that I need to read or review?”

Successfully “squeezing the lemon” includes taking whatever time you have available, even if it’s just a few minutes, and figuring out everything you can accomplish during that time. To effectively do so, you need to be able to determine how long certain tasks will take so that you can allocate accordingly. Setting out for a thirty-minute drive to your next appointment? Perhaps that’s the perfect amount of time to listen to the podcast you didn’t finish on your morning walk. Have a Zoom meeting starting in ten minutes? You know it will take that long to clear your inbox, so that’s a great task to set out to accomplish while you’re waiting.

Time is our most valuable resource bar none, and how we choose to spend it makes the biggest difference. Our lives are made up of millions of decisions and moments where we choose to do one thing over another. By always thinking about what more you would like to accomplish instead of just how you can fill the time, and by figuring out how much time you have available and what you’re able to complete in that amount of time, you’ll make better decisions, be more productive and successful, and truly “squeeze the lemon!”

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