BDU offers customizable sales and sales management training programs for your team, including:

  • private-trainingBasic 101-level sales classes for your new sales professionals to bring them up to speed quickly.
  • 201- and 301-level sales classes to serve as refreshers for your veterans.
  • Advanced 401-level sales training for your star performers, your sales managers, or your VP of sales.

Our BDU sales training team will work with your company’s management and your sales team to:

  • Create trainings to supplement your current in-house training program, or provide virtual or onsite sales classes to address all aspects of the sales process.
  • Identify the specific opportunities and challenges your sales team is facing.
  • Develop new strategies or refine existing strategies for achieving sales success.
  • Target critical skills that need to be developed within your sales team.
  • Incorporate your company’s strategies, procedures, and processes.
  • Coordinate follow-up sales training webinars, group coaching, and one-on-one coaching for repetition and reinforcement.

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