BDU’s “Therapy” is Now “Sales Success Peer Group”!


Thank you to everyone who’s joined us for sales and sales leader “therapy” over these past weeks. We’ve certainly gotten so much out of our time together on Fridays and we truly appreciate you sharing your struggles, wins and resources with all of us.

As these sessions have progressed, it’s become more and more apparent that as sales professionals we don’t need “therapy” as much as we just need each other right now. Since these have become a wonderfully collaborative effort, we’re changing sales and sales leader “therapy” into a “Sales Success Peer Group”!

These will continue to be a time to support one another, to network and to discuss the unique challenges we as sales professionals are facing as we navigate selling in a virtual environment. This is all about YOU: what YOU want and need to discuss, what ideas and suggestions YOU have for one another and ways in which YOU can continue to be as successful as possible as we forge ahead.

Also, instead of continuing to hold separate sessions for sales professionals and sales leaders, we’re bringing everyone together for just one weekly session instead. We’ve found that we’re all facing similar challenges no matter our sales role, and we want to provide even more suggestions and support to help those going through similar situations.

We look forward to seeing you in our new Friday “Sales Success Peer Group” and to continuing the conversation!

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6 Comments on “BDU’s “Therapy” is Now “Sales Success Peer Group”!”

  1. I hope to attend or as possible have opportunity to listen to recordings. During these unusual times this group has been so positive and uplifting especially for salespeople like me working alone from home.

    1. Fran, thank you so much! We’re so glad you’re enjoying these sessions and look forward to having you continue to listen.

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