Back to In-Person Meetings? Don’t Give Up Your Zoom Meetings Just Yet!

in-person meetings

In 2020, the pandemic brought with it the drastic shift away from in-person meetings and suddenly everyone was on Zoom. This meeting platform that most of us had never used before was becoming our virtual office space.

Now, many of us are returning to in-person meetings after two years of virtual chats and “Zoom fatigue.” However, we can’t discount the great advantages we discovered when it comes to holding virtual meetings and it’s not time to give them up. Here’s why:

  1. Business we used to hold over the phone can now be a Zoom meeting. It’s great to be able to see the person you’re talking with, to observe their body language and to make a connection in a way you can’t when you’re just hearing their voice over the phone. You can also take note of what’s important to them by noticing their note taking.
  2. You can manage your time more efficiently. With no commute to figure into your day, you can now schedule meetings essentially back to back. You don’t have to worry about being late due to traffic or finding a parking space, and you can just focus on making sure your technology is working properly and that you are camera ready.
  3. You’ll not only save on time but money as well. With gas prices sky rocketing, taking meetings from your home or office saves you from having to continually refuel your car, pay tolls or shell out for other travel expenses that come with being on the road.
  4. It’s much easier to get a meeting scheduled, especially with multiple participants. Since everyone has more time available when they are scheduling virtual appointments without a commute, it’s easier than ever to set meetings and bring people together no matter their location.
  5. You can now present proposals in person over video conferencing. It’s always best to present quotes or proposals in person and a face-to-face Zoom meeting counts! Avoid walking a prospect through your proposal over the phone or, even worse, emailing them a quote. Instead, schedule a brief Zoom meeting with all decision makers in the virtual room.

Are there any other benefits you’ve found to keeping Zoom meetings? Let us know!