Sales Playbook: Your Blueprint for Success

Selling without a sales playbook is akin to building a house without a blueprint. Are you setting your salespeople up for success by giving them the tools and roadmap necessary to get there?

Every industry, company and individual has their own way of selling. Even the most well-established organizations will have different managers within who lead their teams in their own way, and each of the salespeople underneath them has their own unique approach to selling.

Without consistency within a sales team or company, how can you ensure that your salespeople have all the tools necessary to succeed, are able to confidently sell your products or services, and can not only meet but exceed their quotas?

Why a Sales Playbook?

You wouldn’t expect someone to build you a house without providing them with the right tools and a blueprint. Likewise, your salespeople need proper training and development, as well as tools in their toolbox that can help them be successful and a roadmap that spells out everything they need to know and do in their current position.

A sales playbook isn’t just for bringing new salespeople on board and getting them up to speed. It is also a great resource they can use ongoing and a spot for them to locate everything necessary for them to consistently do their job and do it well.

Common Components of a Sales Playbook

Not sure what your playbook should include? A successful sales playbook typically provides:

  • A flow chart with your specific sales process outlined
  • Company information, history and organizational charts
  • Features and benefits of your products or services
  • A common discovery document to help with gathering key information
  • Sample emails for prospecting and follow up
  • Key objections and appropriate objection-handling responses

Plus, it’s important to include anything specific to your company or industry that you feel is necessary and important for your salespeople to be able to reference.

If you want more deliberate and strategic focus from your team, an upswing in productivity and ultimately an increase in morale and retention, it’s key you provide them with a comprehensive blueprint for their success that takes the guesswork out of what’s necessary for them to meet their goals and become sales superstars.

Not Sure How or Where to Start?

BDU can help! We’ve put together sales playbooks for numerous clients in a variety of industries and would be honored to help you create your own blueprint for sales success. Contact us to learn more and to get started on your customized sales playbook today!