How to Build a Team of Sales Superstars – “Smashing the Plateau” interview with BDU’s Lisa Peskin

build a team of sales superstars

Are you, or is your team, having trouble meeting and exceeding sales goals? Do you know the important ingredients to smashing the sales plateau and reaching the next level? Can you identify your triage areas, the three areas that if approved upon will have the biggest impact on your performance or the performance of your team? How do you work every day to build a team of sales superstars?

Why have you or your team hit a sales plateau and how do you “smash” through?

Listen as Lisa Peskin, BDU’s CEO and Founder, speaks with David Shriner-Cahn in a recent episode of his podcast, “Smashing the Plateau,” about her experiences achieving sales success, the difference between being a manager and a leader, and how to build your team of superstar sales performers.

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