“Squeezing the Lemon” for Sales Leaders

If you’re a sales leader, it’s important that you know about BDU’s philosophy of “squeezing the lemon” to be productive and get the most from all you do. As sales leaders, we’re so busy juggling so much every day – especially if we carry a bag ourselves – that we need to make sure we’re doing all we can to be purposeful, make every interaction count and get the most from our activities. Time is our most valuable resource bar none; we need to try to “squeeze” every last bit of “juice” out of every activity we do, every meeting we take and every conversation we have with our direct reports.

Not sure how to “squeeze the lemon” as a sales leader? Try:

– Scheduling a one on one with your direct report for the same day you’re accompanying them out in the field.

– Finding opportunities for praise and “attaboys,” as well as coaching moments, during ad hoc conversations.

– Adding role playing to your one on ones to provide additional support in some areas your salespeople might need to improve upon.

– Setting up your next meeting during your current meeting to reserve time to take a deeper dive into a specific topic or area that might need further attention.

– Emailing out your “attaboys” for your entire team when you’re already sitting down to send out one.

As sales leaders, if we continuously look for opportunities throughout our day where we can “squeeze the lemon,” we’ll be more purposeful in our efforts, get the most from every interaction and ultimately accomplish so much more!

Sales leaders, what are some other opportunities you’ve found to “squeeze the lemon” throughout your week? We’d love to hear from you! How do you plan to make the most of the time you’re spending with your direct reports?


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