Need to Fill Your Pipeline? Try Resurrecting Old Opportunities!

Keeping your pipeline filled with good, qualified prospects takes time and effort. Instead of spending all your energy prospecting for brand new business and trying to forge new relationships, try reaching out and reconnecting with past opportunities! We’ve all had clients, prospects and Centers of Influence (COIs) with whom we’ve fallen out of contact. Instead of just letting those relationships … Read More

Sales Strategy: Try Name Dropping

In sales, you cannot underestimate the impact that name dropping can have on your sales success. Mention some clients you’re helping when you speak with a prospect. Suddenly they can visualize how you’ll be able to assist them in the same way. Talk with your Centers of Influence (COIs) about your past clients’ successes; they’ll immediately understand the value of … Read More

Why Confidence is Key w/BDU’s Chris Miller

“Without confidence, you very well may struggle in sales.” – Christine Miller, BDU Sales Trainer and Coach, New England Region Confidence is integral to your success as a sales person. You need to be confident in order to tackle all aspects of sales, from networking and prospecting to going for the close. In this video, Chris explains what confidence really … Read More

Sales Success: Do You Know Your Competition?

You already know that you are not going to win the sale every time. You can, however, do everything you can to give yourself the best odds of winning the business. This includes identifying your competition. If you don’t know who you are going up against, you have no way of figuring out how to position yourself properly against them. … Read More

Why You Should Keep an Objection-Handling Diary

By Jackie Cumo, Sales Consultant Keeping a log of the most frequent client and prospect objections you hear will help you have great responses at the ready. If you’re like me, you sometimes find yourself coming up with the best responses to an objection after you’ve already left the meeting. I’ve often found myself in the parking lot or on … Read More

Multi-Touch Approach for Prospecting Success

Is it better to contact 100 prospects one time each or ten prospects ten times each? Setting appointments today is very different than prospecting in the past. Gone are the days of picking up the phone and getting the decision-makers on the line. Today, very few people answer their phones; it’s getting harder and harder to get in touch with … Read More

BDU Welcomes Three New Team Members

Welcome Janet, Jeanne and Jackie!

  Business Development University is thrilled to announce the addition of our three newest team members! Janet Nankin, Managing Director, Southeast Region Janet spearheads BDU’s expansion to the southeast region, bringing a solid history of achievement in financial sales and entrepreneurship to help elevate the business environment in South Florida. Lisa Peskin, CEO and Founder of BDU, is so excited … Read More

Stop Wasting Time! Three Easy Strategies for Better Time Management

Stop wasting time with these tips from BDU

Did you know that the average person wastes about two and a half hours every day? If you take a five-day work week and add it up, this totals 650 hours of wasted time annually. If you divide that by 8-hour work days, you’re wasting around 81 days – or nearly 12 full weeks – every single year. Think of … Read More

AWE’s September Roundtable: Getting in Front of Decision-Makers

BDU’s CEO Lisa Peskin was honored to facilitate the Alliance of Women Entrepreneurs’ September Founder’s Roundtable. Current and prospective AWE founder members joined Lisa for a discussion on the topic, “How to Get in Front of Prospective Clients / Reaching Top Level People.” Not in attendance? Here are some key takeaways: Not everything will work for everybody, and not everything … Read More