AWE’s September Roundtable: Getting in Front of Decision-Makers

BDU’s CEO Lisa Peskin was honored to facilitate the Alliance of Women Entrepreneurs’ September Founder’s Roundtable. Current and prospective AWE founder members joined Lisa for a discussion on the topic, “How to Get in Front of Prospective Clients / Reaching Top Level People.” Not in attendance? Here are some key takeaways: Not everything will work for everybody, and not everything … Read More

Dear BDU: Lisa’s Guest Columns for Philadelphia Business Journal Online

Philadelphia Business Journal

Did you know that BDU’s CEO Lisa Peskin has answered some pressing sales and business questions as a guest columnist for the Philadelphia Business Journal’s online magazine? In these “Dear BDU” posts, Lisa gave advice on getting the most from your sales team, how to best handle the pressure of a sales career and more. Check them out now! Help! … Read More

Every Result Needs an Activity, and Every Activity Needs a Result

You know that there are certain business development and sales activities you should be performing, but do you know why? Have you set clearly defined goals for the results you wish to achieve by doing everything you do? It’s so important to be purposeful in your activities so you know why you’re doing them. On the flip side, if you … Read More

Meeting Seating: Does Where You Sit Make a Difference?

Choose your meeting seat carefully

When meeting with clients and prospects, you know the importance of setting an agenda, effectively navigating negotiations and being prepared to handle objections. However, have you also considered where you’re going to sit when you enter the room? Where you – and others – are seated can be just as important to a meeting as what you say and how … Read More

How to Maximize Client Relationships and Opportunities This Summer

Tips for maximizing summer months to build client relationships

We’ve mentioned before that business activity shouldn’t stop just because it’s summertime. Not only are these warmer, more laid-back months a wonderful time to network and create new relationships, but summer can also provide the perfect chance to check in with your current clients and work on building existing relationships. As we approach the month of July – and with … Read More

The Six Key Components of a Successful Prospecting Call

Phone prospecting is difficult. It’s hard to get a person on the line, and when you finally do reach someone you want to make sure you’re doing all you can during the call to achieve your ultimate goal: setting an appointment. It’s not easy, which is why we’ve outlined six key components of successful prospecting calls to help you plan … Read More

Local CEOs Rank “Improving Sales Performance” as a Top Ten Priority This Year

CEO Think Tank once again published the findings of their annual growth strategies survey. This year’s results found that out of the top twenty priorities for CEOs in and around the Greater Philadelphia area, improving sales performance came in at #6. It’s not surprising at all. At BDU, we hear over and over again from CEOs, business owners and sales … Read More

The ONE Key Step Your Prospecting Meetings Should Always Include

Always set an agenda!

Appointments with prospects can be stressful. There’s a lot of ground to cover, and you have an idea of what you want to discuss and what you’re hoping to get out of the meeting. However, they don’t always end up going the way you envision. It’s easy to get off track, and sometimes when you reach the end of the … Read More