How to Maximize Client Relationships and Opportunities This Summer

Tips for maximizing summer months to build client relationships

We’ve mentioned before that business activity shouldn’t stop just because it’s summertime. Not only are these warmer, more laid-back months a wonderful time to network and create new relationships, but summer can also provide the perfect chance to check in with your current clients and work on building existing relationships.

As we approach the month of July – and with it the start of the second half of the year – it’s time to take a look at your client base to determine how you can build better relationships, set purposeful activities for checking in and find opportunities to get more business from your existing business.

  1. Map out a game plan. Determine how often you’d like to see each client this summer and set up a calendar with your ideal schedule. Go into each week with a clear idea of who you want to see and what you intend to accomplish.
  2. Determine your biggest targets. Who are the key accounts bringing you the most business? Where do you see the most room for additional opportunity? Prioritize these accounts when mapping out your schedule.
  3. Stay visible. It’s possible that your competitors are using the summer as an excuse to take time off or work shorter hours. Use this to your advantage! Make sure your clients know you’re around and available. If feasible, you can even drop in to say hello, thank them for their business and wish them a happy 4th of July.
  4. Utilize BDU’s Client Visit Checklist. This free downloadable BDUtensil provides a comprehensive list outlining important information to uncover and key items to discuss with your clients to help build your relationship and determine where additional opportunities may lie.
  5. Build relationships with all levels within the organization. Get to know everyone, not just the people you work with directly. Build these relationships by scheduling time to meet or making thoughtful introductions on their behalf.
  6. Schedule renewal meetings. Set appointments with your existing clients to review the products or services they’re current utilizing and which they’re considering renewing. Be prepared with responses to potential objections, and have stories of other clients that voiced similar objections ready. Don’t forget to remind them of the value of your company and what you do better than the rest!
  7. Figure out opportunities for upselling and cross-selling. There’s always room to sell more; you just need to figure out where that is. Put together a tool to help you visualize how you can get more business from each existing client, whether it’s with different products or services, or by reaching out to a different department or parent company.
  8. “Squeeze the lemon” ™ if you get a compliment. When your clients are happy, it’s the best time for an “ask.” Be ready with what you might want to ask for – whether it’s a LinkedIn recommendation or an introduction – and what you might say when you ask.

You know it’s easier to keep an existing client or customer than to land new business, so utilize some of your time this summer to focus on analyzing your current business efforts and growing these relationships for a strong second half of the year!