Don’t Waste the Season: Tips for Maximizing Your Summer Business Efforts

Maximize your summer business activities with these tips from BDU!

We’re in the middle of summer, and you may have heard over and over again that it’s a terrible season for business activity. We often hear that people are not motivated to move forward with new deals, sales are slow and everyone is on vacation.

However, before you completely write off the summer months as a waste of time, flip that mindset around and see these slower summer days as a good thing. People are more laid back and relaxed, and you can use the extra downtime you might find yourself having to your advantage.

It’s time to debunk the myth that business doesn’t happen over the summer. Squeeze the lemon and use the “lazy days of summer” to your business’s advantage by:

  1. Reconnecting with old contacts. It may have been a while since you’ve reached out to check in. Since work might be slower for them in the summer months and their calendars might be a bit more open, now is the perfect time to reconnect and work on rebuilding those relationships.
  2. Taking advantage of the beautiful weather to prospect or network outdoors. Take a prospect out to a ball game. Play a round of golf with a client. Meet for a networking lunch at an outdoor café. Take your efforts outside while you have the opportunity to do so.
  3. Finding summer networking events. While you have a bit more time available, take this opportunity to attend some events and make new connections. Find out what events are happening this summer, get prepared and get out there.
  4. Working harder during the weeks you’re not on vacation. Planning a week or two off? Summer is a popular time for vacations, but it’s rare that you’ll take off more than a few weeks. Don’t let your vacation derail your activities. Make sure you’re putting the pedal to the metal the rest of the time to make up for the time you’re missing. Readjust your efforts to keep your activity levels up.

Have you found other ways to maximize your summer activities so you don’t place your business on hold for the summer months? We’d love to hear your ideas. Let us know with a comment below!