Work Hard and Smart, and Turn Your Dreams into a Reality

By Janet Nankin, Managing Director, Southeast Region

It’s not enough to just hope and dream about success. You’ve got to go out there and start doing something!

On social media recently, I came across a post that shared a list of “Rules to Teach Your Son” or how to make your boy into a gentleman. At first glance, and certainly from the title, I thought this would be an archaic and most likely chauvinistic list, so I began reading it out loud to my husband mockingly. However, to my delight and surprise, there were actually many gems shared that could be applied not only to men but to women and to all sales professionals as well, including “never shake a man’s hand sitting down” and “play with passion or don’t play at all.”

It was Rule #11, however, that struck me the most and inspired me to write my very first blog post (this one!): Don’t let a wishbone grow where a backbone should be.”

We often sit around dreaming about success, planning calls and meetings in our heads, and envisioning hearing the “Yes, we will hire your firm and we want to put you on retainer and our budget is unlimited.”  Lisa Peskin, BDU’s CEO, often says there is a difference between being willing to do something and being committed to doing it, and this is how I view Rule #11.  We all desire success and getting the big deal (or really any deal these days), but what are we really committed to doing to make it happen? Do we have a game plan in place, are we being consistent in our efforts and are we able to make the really hard calls?

Wishful thinking does not increase revenue or results but working hard and smart will turn your wishes into reality.

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