Every Result Needs an Activity, and Every Activity Needs a Result

You know that there are certain business development and sales activities you should be performing, but do you know why? Have you set clearly defined goals for the results you wish to achieve by doing everything you do?

It’s so important to be purposeful in your activities so you know why you’re doing them. On the flip side, if you know the results you want to achieve but don’t have a clearly outlined plan for how you’re going to get there, the likelihood that you’ll accomplish your goals is pretty low.

Every activity goal needs a corresponding result goal, and every result goal needs a corresponding activity goal.

For example:

  • Activity Goal: Visit five clients per week. You know that you should be more visible to your clients and make a point to get out for regular visits, but if you are not sure what you’re trying to accomplish you’ll just be doing this activity just to do it. Result Goal: Ask for referrals or testimonials, and aim to get two out of five.
  • Result Goal: Get another $100,000 of revenue from existing clients. It’s not enough just to set this goal and know that you’d like to hit it. You need to plan out some activities that will help you get there. Activity Goal: Set up semi-annual or annual reviews with clients to see if there are additional opportunities to help them out.

If you’re not purposeful in everything you do, you’ll just waste your time. Maximize your efforts with clear steps and set goals.

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