Multi-Touch Approach for Prospecting Success

Is it better to contact 100 prospects one time each or ten prospects ten times each?

Setting appointments today is very different than prospecting in the past. Gone are the days of picking up the phone and getting the decision-makers on the line. Today, very few people answer their phones; it’s getting harder and harder to get in touch with prospects in order to set appointments.

Persistence is key. Studies say that it can take up to eight to twelve touches to just get through to someone. Many people cast a wide net when prospecting – they reach out to 100 different people with the hopes that they hear back from a few. However, they don’t typically plan their follow up and these warm leads go cold.

Is it better to reach out to 100 people one time each or to ten people ten times? Which method do you think will yield better results for your efforts?

At BDU, we’ve determined the more effective approach is to “touch” ten people ten times each, and we’ve developed a ten-touch tool – with two examples listed – that can help you determine your multiple touches (which should be different every time), as well as your schedule for reaching out (which should be done in a particular cadence).

BDU PROSPECTING MULTI-POINT TRACKERthumbnail of BDU Prospecting Multi-Point Tracker

How to utilize this tool: At the top of the page, you’ll see two examples of a ten-touch program. You’ll also find space for you to design your own program and list out the touches you’ll be doing.

We’ve also included an example of a weekly cadence, STAR: Strategies and Tactics to Achieve Results. Many of our clients successfully utilize this approach, which includes different groups and different touches for each group as the weeks go on.

Have any questions about this approach or need assistance with your multi-touch efforts? Contact BDU to find out how our experts can help you get more prospects in your pipeline.