Trust and Follow the Process

As you know, we welcome sales professionals to our free Sales Success Peer Group sessions every Friday at 12 PM EST for support, networking and conversation surrounding the wins and the challenges we all experience. Recently, Lisa has had the pleasure of welcoming some very special sales superstars as her guests, and they’ve shared the secrets to their sales and sales leadership success with the group.

On one of our recent sessions, Lisa welcomed Joe Carfagno, owner of CLEAR Employer Services and a former colleague of Lisa’s from ADP. During Lisa’s conversation with Joe, he shared many valuable takeaways with the group but one stood out above the rest. When Lisa asked him how he was so successful back at ADP, he gave the following advice: trust the process and follow the process.

Establishing, Following and Trusting Your Process

Since ADP had already figured out the formula for success, Joe knew that if he followed it exactly and trusted that it would get him where he wanted to go, he would have the outcomes he desired.

As we’ve talked about before, so many salespeople don’t have a game plan. They get up each morning, get ready for their day and start work. Once they begin, they check their voicemails and emails, see what appointments are scheduled on their calendar for the day, and then from there they just wing it. There’s usually not much rhyme or reason to what they do, who they speak with and how they spend their time.

If you don’t already have a proven process from your company, such as the one Joe had at ADP, it’s important that you put one together yourself. Make sure that each step you outline is purposeful, that every activity has a corresponding result goal and every result goal has a corresponding activity, and that you follow your plan so that you never find yourself just winging it.

Need help getting started? Download our BDU Goal Tracking Form, which will help you track your progress against your clearly defined activity and results goals, and our BDU Wheel of Fortune, which gives you an overview of the activities you can be doing to grow sales and can help you determine where to focus your efforts.

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