Dear BDU: Lisa’s Guest Columns for Philadelphia Business Journal Online

Philadelphia Business Journal

Did you know that BDU’s CEO Lisa Peskin has answered some pressing sales and business questions as a guest columnist for the Philadelphia Business Journal’s online magazine? In these “Dear BDU” posts, Lisa gave advice on getting the most from your sales team, how to best handle the pressure of a sales career and more.

Check them out now!

Help! I’m a Philadelphia small business owner who doesn’t like selling
Dear BDU, I am a small business owner who dislikes selling yet at the same time, I realize that I need to be able to sell in order to grow my business. I struggle to understand how I can develop my business and sell to prospective customers without coming across as pushy or obnoxious. Any advice for the reluctant sales person? READ LISA’S ANSWER

Want results from your sales team? Ask the right questions
Dear BDU, I’m new to sales management and I’ve been given a team of ten people. I need to figure out quickly how to maximize their sales performance. What can I do to get the most from my team? READ LISA’S ANSWER

Help! How do I deal with the inevitable ups and downs of my sales job?
Dear BDU, I have been in sales for 7 years and I love everything about being a sales professional except one thing….the pressure I get from my boss when I don’t hit my monthly quota! The months that I hit my numbers he makes me feel like a hero but to be quite honest, the months that I miss I feel like a loser. Do you have any suggestions for me about how I can achieve my quota more consistently? READ LISA’S ANSWER

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