Sales Strategy: Try Name Dropping

In sales, you cannot underestimate the impact that name dropping can have on your sales success. Mention some clients you’re helping when you speak with a prospect. Suddenly they can visualize how you’ll be able to assist them in the same way. Talk with your Centers of Influence (COIs) about your past clients’ successes; they’ll immediately understand the value of your product or service, and they’ll feel more confident about recommending you to their network.

How and when is it best to name drop? Try:

  • During your 30-second commercial. You’re sharing about yourself and what you do, so this is a great time to briefly touch on the names of a couple of your past or current successes.
  • In a networking or one-on-one meeting. Talking about what you do? Share a story about a client you’ve been able to help.
  • When you’re trying to get in the door with a prospect. It’s always beneficial to let them know that you’ll already be in their area as it can help to get the appointment scheduled. This is the perfect time to mention who you’ll be meeting with nearby.
  • As you’re handling objections. There’s no better way to address a concern a prospect brings up than by articulating a story of another company you’ve worked with that originally felt the same way or expressed similar objections.

Name dropping can be an extremely useful sales strategy, giving you instant credibility that may just help you build your pipeline and land more sales.

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