Local CEOs Rank “Improving Sales Performance” as a Top Ten Priority This Year

CEO Think Tank once again published the findings of their annual growth strategies survey. This year’s results found that out of the top twenty priorities for CEOs in and around the Greater Philadelphia area, improving sales performance came in at #6.

It’s not surprising at all. At BDU, we hear over and over again from CEOs, business owners and sales leaders that they struggle to bring up overall sales and help their sales people meet – and exceed – their goals.

If improving sales performance is a priority of yours as well, here are some ways you can take action right now:

  1. Make sure you have the right people. It’s not enough just to have a sales team in place. Your team should be comprised of the right people for the job, and they should all be willing, committed and able.
  2. Put a plan in place. Make sure each sales person has a well-defined game plan with clearly defined activities and measurable goals. Hold them accountable to the game plan, and make sure they hold themselves accountable to it as well.
  3. Understand key metrics. Do you know each person’s average sale and close ratio? Can you determine what areas, if improved upon, will have the biggest impact on their numbers?
  4. Provide consistent training and development. Sales people should always be learning and refining their skills. Make sure you’re providing your team with frequent, structured opportunities for development.

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About CEO Think Tank: It’s common for CEOs and high-level executives to struggle with different aspects of developing their business and finding time to tackle their top priorities. CEO Think Tank assists in guiding these professionals by helping to identifying where their challenges might lie and providing tools for profitability, growth and development. For more information, please visit CEOThinkTank.com.

Interested in viewing CEO Think Tank’s entire growth strategies survey? Access the full report.