What We’ve Learned, Part One

Over the past few months, business – and life – as we know it has changed in so many ways. At BDU, we’ve had to pivot and take some new approaches to how we do business, as well as how we support our clients and our network. We’ve set up weekly support sessions to bring the sales community together, taken our public sales classes online and moved exclusively to coaching and training clients remotely.

We’ve also learned a lot about sales, business development and ourselves along the way, so we wanted to share with you some of our most important tips and takeaways from this challenging time. We hope you’ll find them as helpful as we do, that you’ll continue to look to us for strategy and support, and that you’ll keep “squeezing the lemon”!

Part One: What We’ve Learned About Managing Time and Keeping a Schedule

Jeanne BehrJeanne Behr, Sales Coach and Consultant
Maximizing your time is so important, especially when your daily routine has changed. It’s so easy for the hours – and days – to start to run together. I’ve encouraged my clients to continue to use their daily planners and block out time in their schedules for each activity they need to do so they can make sure they’re still working towards accomplishing their goals. I also recommend taking the extra time they now have in the mornings that they would previously spend commuting to send out some new business follow-up emails.

Michelle ParisiMichelle Parisi, Sales Coach and Consultant
It’s important to have structure to your day but the same schedule you kept a few months ago most likely won’t work for you anymore. I have found that I am still doing all the same activities that I used to do. However, when and how I do them look a bit different now (I’m waking up a little later, working out at home instead of driving to the gym, etc.). Determine what activities you still need to continue to do each day, come up with a new routine that works for you right now and stay flexible with it as things continue to constantly change.

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