Three Reasons Your Salespeople Aren’t Doing What They Need To Do

Your Salespeople Aren’t Doing What They Need To Do

If you’re a sales leader, you’ve likely experienced times when your salespeople aren’t doing what you’ve told them to do. You know that your one job is to help your direct reports be as successful as possible, but what do you do when you’ve provided someone with ample training, tips, feedback and support and they are simply not taking your suggestions?

We’ve determined that there are three reasons why salespeople do not do what their leadership tells them to do:

(1) They simply don’t want to do it. They might not want to put in the work or effort.

(2) They don’t know how to do it. They might lack proper instruction or skill to get it done.

(3) They don’t see the value in doing it. They might feel that their way is better, or they just might not agree with what you’re telling them to do as they don’t believe it will yield results.

Back in the 90’s when Lisa became a new sales manager, she realized she wasn’t having much success telling her salespeople what to do. Instead of saying “This is what you need to do,” she changed her approach instead to asking them “What do you think you need to do in order to be successful?” and then gently guiding them towards the answers.

She found that when the words came from their own mouths, there was instant buy in and investment in their own success.  

In life, we might have heard the same piece of advice repeatedly but may not have learned a lesson until we experienced it ourselves. It may take something happening to us directly to finally give us that “Aha!” moment of understanding. It’s the same with your direct reports; once they experience their own “Aha!” moments and determine what they need to do to be successful themselves, they are more likely to take ownership and follow through.

The next time you are faced with a direct report who is not doing what needs to be done, think about the three reasons why this might be the case. Try to gain an understanding for where they are coming from, determine how you’ll inspire them to come up with some new ideas and strategies, help them see the value in what they need to do moving forward, and hold them accountable for following through to achieve results.

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