5 Tips for Becoming a Sales Leader

tips for becoming a sales leader

The sales world is competitive, and you need to separate yourself among the competition. In this post, I’m going to offer a few simple tips for becoming a sales leader, and effectively managing a sales team that produces results.

As a sales manager you have a one-line job description: make your sales team successful. Sound easy? Actually, this can be a company’s biggest challenge.  In order to be a good manager you need to be a great leader, but how does that happen?

Often when managers “try” to lead they fail because they haven’t yet built trust within their team.  Trust is the number one attribute that a team must have in order to be led.  The individual sales team members must know that they are being led in the right direction with their interest in mind.  How do you instill this in the fabric of the team?

5 Tips To Become an Effective Sales Leader

  1. Your word needs to be trusted.  Don’t over promise and under-deliver. Even if your answer isn’t what they want to hear, they at least know you are honest.
  2. You need to exude confidence for your product and service, enthusiastic about the job and dedicated to your company.
  3. You should be purposeful in everything you do. Don’t waste their time by making sure every interaction is productive.
  4. Set clear expectations with your team, if the expectations change – explain it well and avoid changing the rules and upping the anti as much as possible.  Think about the impact of change to the moral of the team and the risk/reward of making that change.
  5. Have an open door policy. Your team needs to know that you can be trusted, you are a good listener, and are open to new ideas.

Of course there’s more to rising above the herd than just these five habits…these are just a starting point of tips for becoming a sales leader. At Business Development University, we offer first class coaching and consulting services that help you rise to the top of your game! Contact us here to find out how we can turn your sales around…and be sure to sign up for our e-mail newsletter!

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