A Lesson in Sales Success from Lisa’s Horoscope

Lisa was recently listening to a morning radio show when she heard the horoscopes for the day. While she is not one to typically listen out for her horoscope, she decided to do so that day. She listened as the show’s host went through the other zodiac signs and when they finally reached Lisa’s, she was thrilled that she had stayed tuned in to listen as her horoscope for the day could be applied as a lesson in sales success. Lisa’s horoscope was “Realize your highest potential and do all that you can to achieve it.”

Half of Success is Attitude and Motivation

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” – Henry Ford

As Lisa always says, half of success is attitude and motivation. Her horoscope serves as a great reminder to not only set goals for yourself but to put a plan in place so you have steps to follow and can methodically do what needs to be done to stay motivated and achieve them.

It’s one thing to not reach your goals when you know that you gave it your all. However, it’s another thing entirely if you’re not doing the right activities, you have a poor attitude or you’re only giving half the effort necessary.

Embrace “Kaizen”

No matter what age, occupation or industry you are in, there are always opportunities to learn, to better yourself and to grow.

The Japanese term “kaizen” is one that Lisa often refers to; it means “continuous improvement,” and it’s a great philosophy to embrace and live by. Make sure that as you’re learning and growing, you are checking in with yourself by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Did I achieve more this week than I did last week?
  • Am I better today than I was yesterday?
  • What did I do great today to help me focus on my ultimate goals? What didn’t I do?

As long as you continue on your path towards success and are consistently working towards your goals, you’ll pave that path much quicker and more methodically.

Five Steps for Achieving Success

Not sure how to apply Lisa’s horoscope as a lesson to your own sales success or where to begin on your path to setting, and achieving, your goals?

  1. Figure out what it is that you want to achieve and define your goals and priorities. What is the highest potential you are striving to reach?
  2. Outline all the steps you feel will be necessary to get you there. What is everything you need to accomplish to eventually achieve your goal?
  3. Determine what tools are necessary. What resources or people will be helpful to you?
  4. Time activate your priorities. Do you have a timeline set so you’re not just wasting time winging it?
  5. Make sure you have a way to measure your progress. Have you set checkpoints along the way and are they measurable? What modifications might you need to make to your process along the way to meeting your goals?
“The best time to start was yesterday. The next best time is now.” – Unknown

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