Year-End Sales Success Starts at Halloween

Year-End Sales Success

Being in sales can often feel scary as we put ourselves out there and face rejection, but with these three sales tips you can calm those fears and achieve success.

Your year-end sales success starts NOW, around Halloween, but it doesn’t need to be scary. Now that we’re well into the last quarter of the year, it can feel overwhelming and frightening as we try to hit our year-end numbers. What can we do right now to make sure we’re giving ourselves the best shot to achieve our annual goals and set ourselves up for a strong start to the new year?

(1) Rework the numbers.

You already have your annual goals figured out from earlier in the year, but now it’s time to rework those numbers and determine how much more you have to sell in the amount of time left in the year. Take your annual goal and subtract business you can count on from existing clients or customers in both repeat business and upselling/cross selling. This will give you the exact amount of net new business you need to bring in to achieve your numbers. Since there are only about eight weeks left in the year, we suggest you break your goals up over six weeks to give yourself some cushion. Here’s a visual chart that can help walk you through these calculations.

(2) Put the pedal to the metal.

There is a direct correlation between the activities we do and the results we get, so it’s time to do even more. Don’t just do an activity to stay busy, however. Make sure that even though you want to increase your activity level, you are still being purposeful in everything you do and that every activity has a corresponding result goal.

(3) Focus on the core.

Your core includes anywhere there might be opportunities to get business faster. This might include your best clients who could be interested in buying more, your top 50 list of heavy hitter prospects, or former clients or prospects who have expressed interest in the past that you could revisit.

Whenever you’re feeling spooked by sales, just remember you can get ahead by:

  1. Keeping score
  2. Doing more
  3. Focusing on the core

And the results are that your profits will soar!

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