Boost Your Close Ratio: Always Set a Next Appointment

improve your close ratio

Want to improve your close ratio? Always set the next step at the current step when it comes time to go for the close!

It’s common during the sales process for a prospect to go dark once they’ve received a quote or proposal from you, and you may find it difficult to reconnect with them once they’ve gotten all the information they need. The best way to avoid this happening is to schedule a defined next step and a time to go for the close.

We always talk about the importance of having defined next steps throughout the sales process so that you don’t leave anything up in the air, and you also know the importance of uncovering key qualifying information during your prospect meetings, such as the decision makers, their decision-making process, criteria for making a decision and their timeline. We’ve also shared tips for helping your close ratio (which you can read here and here). However, one of the most important things to do when you’re reviewing the proposal or going over a quote with your prospect is to set a next step. Make sure to get an exact time on the calendar with them right then and there so you have a planned time to reconnect, and so that you can assure they won’t go radio silent.

Not sure how to go about asking for that next meeting after reviewing the proposal?

As your current meeting is ending, try saying something like “I know you were looking to get this implemented by (date) and that you wanted to determine which direction you were going in by (date). Is that still your timeline?” Once they confirm this, you can follow up by saying something like “Why don’t we get a time on the calendar for the week before so that I can answer any outstanding questions you might have and we can figure out what makes sense moving forward?”

Have you tried asking for the next appointment and received resistance?

That’s okay! If they are reluctant to get a set time on the calendar, you can try saying something like “That’s fine. I know our schedules can get crazy, so why don’t we set a tentative date on the calendar just in case your timeline changes.” It’s much easier to get in touch and reschedule a tentative appointment than to set a brand new one.

When they schedule that next appointment with you, it’s not only a great buying signal but it also gives you the opportunity to get back together with them, uncover any hidden objections and ultimately close for a defined next step or the sale!

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