“Squeeze the Lemon” and Be Comprehensive

By now, you probably know all about BDU’s philosophy of “squeezing the lemon” to get the most from everything you do, but are you being comprehensive to make sure you squeeze out every last bit of “juice”?

“Squeezing the lemon” is not just about being purposeful; it’s also about being thorough and doing everything you can do to cover all your bases. You wouldn’t go to the supermarket for just one grocery item at a time. Instead, you try to think of everything you’ll need, make a list before you go, and then shop purposefully so that you can get all your groceries in one shop. With every meeting we take, every conversation we have and every activity we do, it’s important to be as comprehensive as possible as it will ultimately result in accomplishing much more.

Being Comprehensive with Your Clients

There are plenty of opportunities to be comprehensive in your approach throughout your sales process.

For example, have you planned a client visit recently? It’s important to frequently set these meetings to check in with your current clients or customers, take their temperature to see how happy they are with your products or services and determine if there are any additional opportunities to help them out. But how do we make sure we don’t just “squeeze the lemon” to get the most from our visit but also are comprehensive during our time together? You may want to:

  • Tour their facility
  • Meet another contact you haven’t met previously
  • Determine additional products or services you can provide
  • Have share-of-the-wallet conversation if they are using other vendors
  • Uncover trusted advisors, such as accountants, attorneys, and non-competing vendors, and ask for an introduction
Being Comprehensive Throughout Your Sales Process

Being comprehensive is not just important when interacting with your clients or customers but throughout everything you do. Some other times to make sure you’re being comprehensive might include:

  • Pre-call planning for a prospect meeting so you can guide the conversation and come prepared with questions to ask, as well as possible outcomes. This way, you’ll be ready with answers, objection-handling techniques and closing strategies.
  • During meetings with a Center of Influence (COI), you might want them to make an introduction on your behalf to a good, qualified prospect. You also may want them to give you a LinkedIn recommendation, or to eventually invite you to speak at an organization they chair. Why not be comprehensive, “squeeze the lemon” and ask for all three?
  • Planning ahead to continue “squeezing the lemon” when you have more time. Whether you’re working on a task you’re not able to complete in the time allotted or ending a meeting with a prospect, client or COI, set defined, scheduled times to finish everything else you weren’t able to accomplish.
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