BDU’s Thirteen Practical Tips for Prospecting

Learn 13 practical prospecting tips from BDU

Do you have a strong network of referral sources and COIs introducing you to good, qualified prospects? Do you have a long list of potential clients or customers you’re planning to contact? This is a great start, but these referrals or contacts are not valuable until you convert them to net new appointments.

Having difficulty with getting your foot in the door and setting appointments? Here are 13 practical prospecting tips from BDU:

1. Use a multi- prong approach. It often takes 8-12 touches to get in the door. Make sure that you have a multi-prong and multi-touch approach to your prospecting efforts.

2. Be prepared. Before you sit down to prospect, be prepared with your lists, scripts and rebuttals for your most common objections.

3. Skip the “How are you?” You have a limited amount of time to connect with the person that you are calling since they are not expecting your call. Skip the “how are you” and replace it with your reason for the call.

4. You never have to “cold call” again. As long as you have a legitimate reason to reach out, you never have to “cold call.” For example, “______ suggested that I reach out” or “I have helped a lot of companies like yours, such as ______ and ______ .”

5. Sound more conversational in your dialogue. Speak with your prospect in a more relaxed, conversational tone so you don’t sound too scripted or like you’re just trying to deliver a sales pitch.

6. Talk about helping. Help, don’t sell! Present the benefits of your product or services – not the features – and how you’re offering a solution.

7. Reference other clients or customers you’ve helped. Bringing up how another similar company has benefitted from your product or service can help to highlight how you’ll help them as well. It will also give you instant credibility.

8. Use multiple benefit statements. This way, you can hopefully bring up one or two reasons that might interest them in meeting with you.

9. Handle objections effectively. Try to handle multiple objections and try to close for the appointment after you handle the objection.

10. Use the alternative choice close. Offer the prospect two possible appointment times. That way, hopefully they will select one of the two and you will secure the appointment.

11. Schedule the appointment two to three weeks out. Often times people’s schedules are busy for the current and following week but then the calendar opens up. Try to offer some times two to three weeks out and they will often have more availability.

12. Mention you’ll be in their area. It’s harder for them to turn down an appointment if they think you’re already going to be close by. Let them know when you’re planning to be near their location for another appointment and some possible times you’re available before or after your other scheduled meeting.

13. Clover leaf around your appointments. Your time is your most valuable resource. If you have a long ride to get there, make sure that you are securing multiple appointments in the area. You can leverage your existing appointments to secure more appointments.

Do you have additional proven methods for converting prospects to appointments? Let us know!

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