The Best Sales Methodology Out There: Be the Person You’d Want to Work With

There are many different sales methodologies out there, and if you’ve ever purchased something you’ve probably come across a variety. You’ve most likely experienced quite a few that were manipulative, pushy and a complete turn off. Instead of going through with the sale, you probably walked away vowing never to come back or work with that sales person again. It was just too much.

If you’re a sales person, put yourself into your buyers’ shoes. Would you want to buy from someone who was obviously just trying any tactic necessary to land the sale, or would you rather work with someone who was genuine and seemed to care about – and understand – your needs?

No one really likes to be “sold” anything, so as sales people we have to stop trying to sell and start helping. Being a good sales person means making it all about them, not about you. How do we do that?

  1. Be authentic. Trust, honesty and integrity are the most important aspects of every business or personal relationship. Be real, and be an overall pleasant person to work with and to be around.
  2. Understand relationships take a while. Think about your best friend. You didn’t become that close overnight. Relationships take time, and you need to nurture good relationships to form really strong connections.
  3. Make it all about them. Whether it’s a prospect or a current client or customer, focus on the other person first. Make it all about them and how you can help them, not about what you need or want to get out of the relationship.
  4. Get personal. In order to build strong, lasting relationships it’s important to let people know a little about yourself. That way, they view you as a real person as opposed to just someone who is trying to “sell them something.” Also, get to know something about them personally. This way, your relationship is solidified both on a professional and a personal level.
  5. Remember the little things. Pay attention to the details. Take note of important dates in their lives, like birthdays and anniversaries, and be thoughtful by reaching out to them to acknowledge these special days. Paying attention to details will differentiate you from your competition and make you memorable.

People work with people that they like and trust. Be the person you’d want to work with and you’ll start building good foundations for great relationships (and ultimately closing more sales)!