Stand Out From The Competition

As salespeople in a competitive selling environment, we always need to make sure that we can differentiate ourselves from our competition. Often buyers will indicate that they’ll be basing their decision solely on pricing, but we may not always have the least expensive option to offer.

It’s important to remember that there is one thing that no other company or organization in the whole wide world has to offer: YOU! What has made you so valuable to your past clients or customers? Why have they stayed loyal to you over the years? How can you guide your prospects away from their focus just on price and get them instead to see the benefits of what you – and only you – have to offer?

Illustrate your ability to stay proactive, put their best interest first, and dot every “i” and cross every “t” along the way. 

If pricing truly is the sole criteria they’re basing their decision on, you just might not be the right fit for them. However, if they are open to learning more, you can:

  • Talk about your long-term client relationships and why they’ve been successful for so long
  • Mention many of the reasons your clients see the value in continuing to work with you
  • Try saying something like, “My long-term clients often tell me that the reason they’ve been loyal over the years is because of the i’s and the t’s, and that since I always make sure I am attending to all the necessary details they never have to worry about anything.”
  • Share specific stories that illustrate how you’ve helped past and current clients by being proactive, detail-oriented and available should any unanticipated needs arise

While pricing is often a very important factor that prospects consider, it’s even more important that they can build good, strong relationships with their vendors over time. As such, how you speak about what you do and what you can offer is key. Make sure they know that every “i” will always be dotted, every “t” will always be crossed, and you’ll continue to anticipate their needs and provide them with the best products and services for years to come.