Sales Training for Success: Lisa’s Interview on the Targeted Lead Generation Podcast

Listen to Lisa on the Targeted Lead Generation podcast!

On a recent episode of the Targeted Lead Generation podcast, BDU’s CEO Lisa Peskin had the pleasure of speaking with Coach Manny Nowak about a variety of sales topics, including how to become a sales superstar, the value of proper training and the industry experiences that have brought her to where she is today both personally and professionally.

Listen to Lisa’s episode on Coach Manny’s podcast now and learn how you can bring your team, and yourself, to the next level of sales success.

Listen to Lisa’s interview now!

About the Targeted Lead Generation podcast: Targeted Lead Generation aims to introduce their audience to seasoned experts who share their tips and strategies for generating more leads. They help their listeners determine the best lead generation methods and techniques for success. To learn more, or to hear other episodes, listen now on iTunes.