Sales Lessons from the Other Side

As a salesperson, it’s always interesting when you’re on the opposite side and are being “sold” a product or service. Sometimes, it’s hard not to notice the sales “red flags” as they are raised.

Recently, Lisa was looking for some help and scheduled a time to meet with someone who has been pursuing her business for quite a while. When she tried to get more information about the different services offered, the person found it very difficult to articulate their offerings and the associated investment (red flag #1).

Lisa then asked if they would put together some information and send it over to her after their meeting so she could have some time to get a better feel for what they do. They agreed, but it’s now been a few weeks and she has yet to receive the information requested (red flag #2).

What can you learn from this example (and these red flags)?

  1. Make sure that you’re an expert on what you’re selling. You must be able to clearly articulate your value proposition, the benefits of your offerings and key investment points.
  2. Follow through is so important. If you say that you will do something, make sure that you get it done.
  3. Always set next steps. Schedule another time to talk through how you can help your prospect so you have another opportunity to put the investment in the context of what they’re trying to achieve and uncover – and overcome – any concerns or objections they might have.

Lisa was ready to move forward if only they could have properly explained what they were offering and gotten back to her with more information. Don’t make these same mistakes!

What sales mistakes have you made or encountered, and how can you learn from them? We’d love to hear your experiences!