BDU’s Top Five Tips for Success in the New Year

Jump into the new year with these five tips from BDU

Happy New Year! Now is the perfect time to evaluate your past year’s performance and put together your game plan for the year ahead.

BDU has five important tips to help you plan for success in 2018:

  1. Take a minute to reflect and reset. There is nothing you can do about last year, last week, the other day or even a few minutes ago. If you had a great year last year, that’s wonderful. Now is the time to think about what you did to have that great year and determine what is needed to repeat your performance. If you didn’t have a great year last year, that’s okay. It’s a new year and the perfect time to reset, move forward and figure out what to do differently.
  2. Put the pedal to the metal. At the beginning of each year, you need to start significantly increasing your activity level, especially after the holiday lull. Since there is a direct correlation between the activities you do and the results you get, it is critical to get out there and get moving!
  3. Have a well defined 30-60-90 day game plan. Don’t do any activities just for activity’s sake. Know every thirty days what your goals are, the activities you want to do and the corresponding results you hope to achieve. Break these activities into quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily goals and have a systematic approach to measuring your progress against those goals. Need a tool to help you track your goals and progress? Download our BDU Goal Tracking Form.
  4. Have a top 50 targeted “elephants” lists. In a recent blog post, we discussed “elephant” accounts and the best strategies for pursuing and closing them. A well-defined game plan is important for pursuing these large prospects in your territory. If you land one large account monthly, or even quarterly, you will find it is significantly easier to hit and exceed your quota.
  5. Make sure you are constantly learning. The Japanese term “kaizen” means “continuous improvement” and refers to activities and processes that are always improving. Embody this philosophy; make sure you are always fine-tuning your skills and tweaking what you do to maximize your performance and potential throughout the year.

Need additional strategies for an exceptional new year? BDU can help! From our public sales and sales management classes to one-on-one coaching and outsourced sales management, we have services to assist every member of your team. Contact us to get started today.