Grow Your Top Line Revenue

Are you or your sales team not hitting your sales goals? Are you looking to increase your top line? Do you want to take your business to the next level? Business Development University (BDU) will help grow your top line revenues through sales training that empowers your sales team with the right tools and the right strategies to maximize their performance and bring success to your company.

Bring Your Sales Team to the Next Level

At BDU, you can find sales training for every member of your sales team. We offer basic 101-level sales classes for your new sales professionals to bring them up to speed quickly, 201- and 301-level sales classes to serve as refreshers for your veterans, and advanced 401-level sales training for your star performers, your sales managers, or your VP of sales.

Sales training classes cover such topics as:

  • Networking and prospecting to consistently fill the pipeline with qualified leads.
  • Running effective discovery meetings.
  • Presenting proposals that respond directly to prospects’ needs.
  • Overcoming common and uncommon objections.
  • Closing the business from the first conversation.
  • Shortening the sales cycle.
  • Learning to develop a daily activities plan that is a recipe for success.

Our sales training is highly interactive, filled with group and individual exercises, role playing, and personal feedback – all designed to create “ah-ha” moments that lead to changed behaviors and improved results.

Customize Your Team’s Sales Training

BDU’s sales training can supplement your current in-house sales training program, or we can provide virtual or onsite sales classes that comprehensively address all aspects of the sales and sales management process. We would be glad to customize our sales training to incorporate any of your company’s strategies, procedures, and processes.

Our BDU sales training team will work with your company’s management and your sales team to:

  • Identify the specific opportunities and challenges your sales team is facing.
  • Develop new strategies or refine existing strategies for achieving sales success.
  • Target critical skills that need to be developed within your sales team.

Based on your company’s needs, our virtual or onsite sales classes can run from 1 hour to 1 week in length. Public sales classes are also offered at our 7 locations in the Greater Philadelphia Area.

Reinforce Sales Training for Success

Repetition and reinforcement are the keys to sales success. At BDU, we offer follow-up sales training webinars, group coaching, and one-on-one coaching to help your sales team truly become more productive and effective, driving top line revenues on a consistent basis.

Move Your Business Forward

Contact us at 1-877-310-1370 to discuss your sales team’s sales training needs, and to schedule targeted, results-driven virtual or onsite sales classes that will help your sales team fill the pipeline!