Andrea Kind

Lisa Peskin

Sales Coach and Consultant

Andrea Kind has been in sales and business development for over 25 years and has been recognized as a “top sales person” in many organizations, consistently exceeding quota throughout her career.

She has developed a highly effective methodology for
penetrating C-level executives in Fortune 100 companies, as well as in the SMB sector, and has mastered the use of LinkedIn as a networking tool with a balance of grace and savvy. She deploys a polished restlessness that opens the door and keeps it open, ready for your business development team to illustrate their capabilities.

Eloquently skilled in the true art of listening, Andrea comes to the table with real-life solutions that are reachable, attainable and doable. Her interactions with people are highly personable, and her tenacity and integrity are contagious. Her ability to comprehend the most complex situations enables her to navigate the world of lead generation and business development across various industries. She is passionate about helping others learn their craft through both coaching and training so that they too can drive their sales and results!

Andrea is also a yoga teacher, which provides a foundation for her innate ability to empower,
coach and motivate people as they move through life, as well as their business development/sales careers.