Rachel Acquaviva


rachelChief Administrative Officer

Rachel Acquaviva has years of experience supporting executive staff and managing offices for a variety of industries. She spent several years in the role of Office Supervisor at CONCERN, a nonprofit foster care agency. In addition to her regional duties at CONCERN, she also assisted agency-wide with grant writing, marketing, event planning and fundraising.

Rachel is a strong writer and worked as a Content Marketing Specialist for AWeber Communications, where she regularly contributed content to their email marketing blog. She has also authored a number of articles for other online sources, including LAWestMedia.com, PeacefulDumpling.com and the former BucksMontNews.com.

As a graduate of Temple University and Tyler School of Art, Rachel holds a B.S. in Art Education and enjoys doing anything creative, including drawing, cooking and blogging about vegan food. She is involved with a number of local nonprofits and animal sanctuaries.

Rachel lives in Horsham with her stand-up comedian husband, Anthony, and their rescue dog, Shasta. They all enjoy hiking and traveling together.