Stephanie Shea, Chief Operating Officer at Ampro Sports
Lisa delivers her proprietary sales training with an incredible balance of zeal and pragmatism. She tells stories. Stories upon stories. Relatable, real-world examples of how her ideas have been applied by Lisa or her teams. I think we laughed and learned in equal parts.

We have tried several trainers over the years for our seasoned sales team… this is the first time we’ve brought someone in that our team LOVED. There wasn’t ONE person who felt they didn’t learn a ton from each day of training. Even someone within 20 months of retirement enjoyed the training immensely and has a short list of things she’s immediately putting into her approach to sales.

Lisa was a blast. She infused energy into our team, put a fire in their bellies, and turned them loose with new tools and ideas. I’m personally recommending her to my friends who own businesses because I feel she drove so much value. We’re planning to bring her back in for periodic follow-up meetings with our sales team. Ampro feels really lucky to have her as a resource!


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