Ron Chelli, President at Wind-lock Corporation

Lisa presented at our just-completed summer sales meeting yesterday. She was very well prepared, both in her own material and with specific details of our company (unearthed through due diligence prior to her visit). As a salesman by trade, I have certainly spent a lot of time investigating ways to become the very best salesperson possible and, in my current role, have always attempted to hire and develop A-level sales professionals. In so doing, I have read many books/articles and attended countless presentations. Many of them very good!

I have, however, never experienced anything quite like Lisa’s performance yesterday. It was, frankly, the best I have ever participated in!! Lisa has a mastery of her craft, as well as a very humble, self-deprecating and humorous style, which grabs and holds onto one’s attention, while enhancing one’s interaction and interest level.

In a nut shell, Lisa’s presentation was incredibly informative; very real-world and with plenty of her own personal, yet relevant examples, that allowed those of us participating to truly grasp her techniques. She has already followed up, with promised materials which will enable our managers to better work with their people.

I found Lisa to be a an absolute pleasure to work with and if in need of a sales trainer/presenter, would put her as your #1, very best possible option! She is definitely mine!!


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