7 Tips for How to Help Your Close Ratio

how to help your Close Ratio

Closing ratio is how many proposals convert to sales. So, if you close one client for every four proposals, your close ratio is 25 percent.  Do you know how to help your close ratio improve? If you find that your close ratio is not where it needs to be, that your proposals on the street are not converting BDU suggests that you try these 7 tips and you will see an impact on your numbers.

Try These 7 Tips To Help Your Close Ratio…

  1. Your proposal should be more like an agreement, there should be no surprises and your prospect should know exactly what will be in the proposal before they see it.
  2. You should present the proposal in person, don’t email it. If the client is remote, trying using GoToMeeting or even Skype to review the agreement.
  3. Be sure that all of the decision makers are in the room when you are reviewing the proposal.
  4. Identify what alternatives or competitors they are also talking with.
  5. Be sure to uncover any objections they may have and overcome them (many techniques available to make this productive)
  6. At the end of the proposal – close. Ask for the business or even ask “Based on what we just reviewed, is there is any reason why you wouldn’t move forward?”
  7. Ask when they plan on making the decision and be sure to have a scheduled follow up call on the calendar!

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