Does Your Customer Service Team Drive Leads to Your Sales Professionals?

The most customer facing group we have are the professionals answering the questions our clients are asking every day. Their interaction is a rapport building opportunity to create a customer loyalty experience, but it is also the best opportunity to identify other needs of theses clients.  There isn’t a better time to close than after an objection or issue has been handled, so, are you positioned to take advantage of those moments – are your customer service professionals identifying triggers that would generate a lead or conversation with the sales team?

Here are 3 tools that can help you right away:

  1. Create a list of triggers words or phrases so when the client says them the customer service representative knows to ask qualifying questions
  2. Make a list of qualifying questions that help identify an additional need and ask them to accept a call from the sales team to talk with them further about solutions related to the uncovered need
  3. Create alliances and rapport between the sales team and customer service. Consider pairing them up and offering incentives for leads and business conversion.

BDU believes that a little bit of sales training in the customer service department will drive a lot of leads to your sales department, an investment that will pay dividends!