How to Get Your Team Hitting Their Goals: 5 Steps for Sales Managers

How to Get Your Team Hitting Their Goals

Do you have a sales team of dynamic individuals that is struggling to achieve your company’s sales goals on a consistent basis? Do you have a clear vision for how to get your team hitting their goals? Perhaps the roadblock to your team’s success is the lack of a succinct game plan, utilizing each account executive’s individual talents and strengths.

How do you create team success from individual contributions?

  • Evaluate who is achieving their goals and who isn’t on a monthly basis.
  • Ascertain where they are getting off-target.
  • Structure your sales meetings and one-on-one follow-up to generate group success.

5 Steps To Get Your Team Hitting Their Sales Goals

Try these steps with your team:

  1. Highlight what your successful account executives are doing on a daily basis.  Chances are they are consistent with generating leads and networking, following up on prospects, customizing sales proposals based on prospect and clients needs, creating opportunities to generate business by presenting your company’s key assets, and finally, asking for orders.  Review the daily and weekly good practices that will lead to an increase in sales.
  2. Direct your less consistent sales people to undertake these best practices regularly.  Walk through the sales process with them, using a current prospect as a case study.  Create a strategy and next steps based on utilizing their talents and strengths.  Role play scenarios can be extremely helpful in the process, like having a script or playbook when obstacles arise.
  3. Create learning opportunities in sales meetings.  When a football coach evaluates game tape, they’re looking for plays that were successful and how to correct plays that were not successful.  Is your team prepared to drive in sales and face obstacles with the tools you give them in your meetings?
  4. Preparation is key to success.  If you have someone good at generating leads, but not as good at closing, work with them to find ways to be successful in their own style.  If you have a salesperson great at presenting and closing, but has trouble focusing their efforts, create plays that will add structure to their process and let them run with it.
  5. Planning for your sales team’s success will yield results.  Having a solid fundamental game plan is crucial. Be sure to break it down to the daily activities that have to get done in order to hit the end goal. If it isn’t simplified to that level, it is difficult to track what is productive as well as measure what is working and not working so the right adjustments can be made.

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