Sales Managers NEED to Use the “R” FIVE Approach

In order to maximize top line growth, it is important to examine 5 critical components of a sales organization by asking the following question:

Do you have the Right number of the Right people doing the Right number of the Right things Right?

  1. The first aspect of growing a sales organization is to evaluate whether you have the right number of sales people working for you. As companies grow, there is a delicate balance between growing sales and operations.  It is essential to identify the annual revenue goals for your company and then determine how many sales representatives you need to hire to hit that goal.   If it is unreasonable to expect that the number of people on your team can hit the revenue goal, you may have to think about scaling, bringing on additional sales people to ensure you optimize productivity.
  2. Next, make sure that the people on your team are the rightpeople. Do they fit in the culture of your company, are they dedicated to excellence and represent your products and services well and are they willing, committed and able to do the job set forth for them?
  3. Are they doing the right amount of the activities to hit their revenue goals.  Since there is a direct correlation between activities and results, if you are not doing enough activities, you can easily fall short of your quotas.  Often sale professionals spread themselves too thin and although can be doing some of the right activity they aren’t focused on doing enough of it.
  4. Are your sales people doing the rightactivities? You can have a lot of people working hard, but if they are working on the wrong activity it really doesn’t matter how many hours they are putting in to it. A source of business analysis can help here; identify what activities in the past have generated the most business and focus there.
  5. Lastly, are they doing the activity right? You can have the right number of the right people doing the right number of the right activities wrong.  This speaks to process.  So many sale people do activities for activities sake and don’t make sure they are purposeful in their efforts that will ensure that they will achieve the desired result.  For example, if you have a prospect meeting and never ask the right questions in the right way to uncover areas of opportunity, you may never get the sale.

If you are a sales leader, evaluate your team on the 5 rights.  Once you do that, you will be sure to be on the Right path to maximizing your groups success and you will certainly grow a productive and long lasting sales team.

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