Don’t Waste the Season: Fall Tips for Strong End-of-Year Results

Don’t Waste the Season: Fall Tips for Strong End-of-Year Results

Last month, we provided some tips for maximizing your summer business efforts to keep your progress moving forward despite the common myth that business doesn’t happen over the summer. Now, as we head towards September and prepare to enter the final third of the year, there are only a few more months left to hit your goals.

In addition to the summer tips we shared, here are some additional strategies you should consider implementing to finish out your year strong:

1. Rework your numbers. Figure out how much new business you’ll need to bring in to make your quota utilizing the following formula: YTD revenue + projected revenue from existing clients/customers + projected revenue from prospects in your pipeline. Subtract that total from your Annual Quota to determine how much net new business you need.

2. Revamp your game plan. Analyze the past activities you’ve been performing throughout the year. What has worked for you? What hasn’t worked? Rework your strategy based on where you are getting the biggest ROI for your efforts.

3. Plan ahead now for the next year. Start thinking about what you’ll need in order to get off to a quick, strong start in the new year and get some goals and activities in place to set yourself up for your success.

This might also be a good time to consider bringing in some outside assistance from professional sales and business development coaches with a proven track record for helping clients set, achieve and exceed their goals.

BDU’s specific triage approach will help you determine which three areas, if improved upon, can have the biggest impact on performance and how to focus on and address these areas. To schedule a free consultation with BDU’s CEO Lisa Peskin to discuss triaging your sales health and developing strategies for improvement, please contact us for more information.