Three Plus Three Equals “Six”-cess!

Whether you’re an individual contributor or a leader, sales success ultimately comes down to just three types of key activities and three types of key results.

Over the years, Lisa and our coaches have worked with hundreds of companies to help them maximize their sales performance and potential. We’ve noticed that every organization has their own set of metrics or KPIs that they use to measure what success looks like to them. No matter what their quotas or goals may be, and no matter the metrics for how they measure their success, we’ve found that the true key to being successful in sales on a consistent basis is to consistently do the right activities correctly and with purpose.

We assist our clients with putting together a well-defined sales game plan, with set activity and results goals, so they are methodical in their approach and are never doing any activities just for activity’s sake. At the end of the day, it truly does not matter how many calls they’ve made, how many emails they’ve sent out or how many networking meetings they’ve attended. The only thing that matters is the numbers: how many net new appointments they’ve gone on, how many net new sales they’ve been able to close.

How do you put together your own sales game plan if you don’t already have one in place, and how should you narrow down the activities you need to do to get the results you desire? It’s easiest when you think of it as “three plus three” as everything you need to do to boost your sales to the next level really just comes down to three key activities and three key results:

1. Activity: Client visits
Results: Additional business opportunities with existing accounts, or referrals from your current clients

Whenever you have an appointment with a client, make sure you’re purposeful in planning out your meeting agenda. Always look for opportunities to help them with additional products or services. In addition, determine when it’s best to ask for introductions to other contacts within their organization in other departments, divisions or related companies as there might be additional business opportunities for you within those as well. Download the Client Visit Checklist from our BDUtensils library, which outlines many of the areas you should try to cover during every client interaction, as well as provides examples of questions you can ask to uncover important information.

2. Activity: Net new prospect appointments
Results: An increase in net new sales

Closing really does happen throughout every step of the sales process, so you need to be sure that you’re well prepared any time you meet with a prospect as each step is key to moving the process forward. The time you spend with prospects is extremely valuable; you can’t just “wing it” (as many people do) and hope for the best. In order to make sure you’re getting the most out of every prospect appointment, download the Prospect Visit Checklist as it provides a comprehensive list of everything you may wish to discuss and accomplish during your meetings.

3. Activity: Networking events and COI meetings
Results: More introductions and referrals, which ultimately lead to more net new appointments and net new sales

You know the importance of making and maintaining connections with great referral sources, but it is even more important that you are well-prepared to get the most you can out of every meeting with one of your Centers of Influence (COIs). Download the Networking Visit Checklist to guide you through necessary steps and important topics to discuss so that you can fully maximize your time and networking efforts.

Activities are the precursor to results; without proper activities, the results just won’t happen. If you stay purposeful in your efforts and keep “three plus three” in mind, you’ll absolutely find yourself meeting – and exceeding – your quotas!